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Pamela  Dean
High School- Clinic/ aide

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medical asst/ EMT

My name is Pamela Dean, I have lived around Red Oak my entire life- I have 3 grown  boys that attended Red Oak Schools all 12 years and I have worked for the district since 1996 on several different campuses. I started my career with Red Oak at Eastridge elementary. I worked on that campus for three years before moving to Acorn Academy where I worked with the special Ed kids and as a classroom aide for DAEP- I was transfered to the High school after 8 years at Acorn. I am starting my 6th year at the high school. 

I love working at the High School and seeing the students dreams become reality, seeing them mature into young men and women and helping them reach their goals- I hope I have made a lasting impression on some of them and some of them have made a lasting impression on me. I call them all my kids and alot of them call me Momma Dean. I love them all.