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The mission of Hawk Success is to provide students in at-risk situations the opportunity to attain academic excellence in a non-traditional setting.  The program strives to offer students the opportunity to achieve their full potential in an environment that is structured, supportive, and rigorous.  The individualized, self-paced, online curriculum allows for an accelerated instruction as well as improvement in student achievement. The curriculum offered in Hawk Success meets the mandated standards set by the Texas Education Agency and the local school district.

Our staff is dedicated to helping students who have difficulty succeeding in a traditional high school setting achieve their educational and vocational goals. We are all focused on helping students receive a High School diploma and graduate as a Red Oak student.

Enrollment and Admission Guidelines

Students interested in attending Hawk Success must have an administrator and/or counselor’s recommendation.  The student must fill out the application that can be obtained in the High School counselor’s department.   An interview will be scheduled upon receipt of the application and students will be selected based on meeting the requirements, space availability, student need and other attributes of a Hawk Success student.  The student must continue to attend classes at Red Oak High School during the application process. Because the Hawk Success program is able to serve only a limited number of students, priority will be given to those students who are determined to be most in need of an alternative learning environment

Hawk Success Application

Student and parent need to complete following:

  1. Complete the Hawk Success Application found online at: https://goo.gl/forms/M3GEej1LKcdMvS8e2
  2. Complete the “Written Response Required” form given at the High School Counselor’s department.
  3. Complete the “Consent to Release Confidential Information.”

After the online application is completely filled out, return this form to the ROHS Counseling Office.