Advanced Academics

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Scholarship Application for Dual Credit Students

Download the step-by-step instructions for dual credit students to follow when applying for the Brilliance Dual Credit Scholarship: Dual Credit-How to Apply for Scholarship Online

 Advanced Academic Program

Are you ready for a unique learning experience that will help you succeed in college? Each year, students around the world who want to learn and achieve at the highest level become AP students. Through AP's college-level courses and exams, you can earn college credit and advanced placement, stand out in the admissions process, and learn from some of the most skilled, dedicated, and inspiring teachers in the world.” 

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Red Oak High School currently offers Pre-Advanced and Advanced Placement in all of the core disciplines and welcomes any student who wants to accept the challenge(s) of a rigorous curriculum the opportunity to participate.

Dual Credit Resources

Search through Navarro College WebAdvisor portal for up-to-date course materials, etc. A login is not required to do a search; however, there are several steps involved which can be found in the Guide to Searching WebAdvisor.

Teacher List


  • Pre-AP Algebra I – Brad Purtle
  • Pre-AP Geometry – Diane Kesler
  • Pre-AP Algebra II – Eyden Gamero and Kristina Flaherty
  • Pre-AP Precalculus – Brad Purtle
  • AP Calculus – Brad Purtle
  • AP Statistics – Justin Hardin
  • Dual Credit Math (College Algebra, Statistics, Precalculus) – Justin Hardin


  • Pre-AP Biology – Janet Counts
  • AP Biology – Janet Counts
  • Pre-AP Chemistry – Stefanie Hentschel
  • AP Chemistry – Stefanie Hentschel
  • AP Physics – Eugene Caudill
  • AP Environmental Science – James Hutchison
  • Dual Credit Science (Biology, Anatomy and Physiology) – Jessica Guerrero


  • Pre-AP English I – Lyssa Smith
  • Pre-AP English II – Paige Patterson
  • AP English Language – Kendra Blakley
  • AP English Literature – Carath Mitchell
  • Dual Credit English – Gretchen Cohenour and Andrew Davis

Social Studies

  • Pre-AP World Geography – Adam Prachyl and Oscar Lewis
  • AP World History – Ginger McClure and Stephen Johnson
  • AP US History – Lauren Crain
  • Dual Credit US History – Lauren Crain
  • AP Government – Rachel Grandstaff
  • AP Economics – Rachel Grandstaff
  • Dual Credit Government – Jessica Moreno
  • AP Human Geography – Angela Thomas
  • AP Psychology – Angela Thomas

Fine Arts

  • AP Music Theory – Dennis Ingram
  • Dual Credit Music – Christopher Eaton
  • AP Studio Art – Alexia Mentzel

Languages Other Than English

  • AP French – Jordan Aillet
  • Pre-AP Spanish I – Debra Wilson
  • Pre-AP Spanish II – Norma Latham
  • Pre-AP Spanish III – Norma Latham
  • AP Spanish – Norma Latham