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Announcements for 2017-2018

Announcements 02/12/2018


Black History Month:

It is a month to honor and celebrate the achievement of black men and women throughout history.  Black History Month has always been celebrated in February, in honor of President Abraham Lincoln and Black activist Frederick Douglass, both which were born in February.


Jacob Lawrence:

Born in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1917, Jacob Lawrence emerged as one of America’s leading figurative artists and the first to document the history of African Americans through widely-viewed and influential artworks.  Lawrence and his family moved to Harlem in 1924, where he experienced the vibrancy of black intellectual, cultural, and artistic like in what was seen as the Harlem Renaissance.  He became well known at the young age of 21 for his “Toussant L’ Ouverture Series” (1937), a 41- painting collection that depicts the successful Haitian slave rebellion.  At the age of 24, he became the first African American whose work was included in the permanent collection of New York Museum of Modern Art.  Lawrence considered himself both an educator and used his art to tell stories about black history.


            The Buffalo Soldiers:

After the Civil War, the United States Congress passed legislation establishing a peace time military to occupy the South and to protect settlers in the western frontier. 


Many of the recruits were freed slaves from the North and the assigned mission of these African American troops was to escort the Native Americans from their indigenous homelands to designed reservations.


The nickname “Buffalo Soldier” is said to have been given to the African American troops by the Native Americans.  It is reported that the Native Americans related the nickname to the ferocious fighting spirit of the buffalo, which displays unusual stamina and courage when wounded.  Thus, nickname became a badge of honor and pride for the troops.


Despite prejudice, in and out of the military, and begin given the worse horses, and the worse clothing equipment, these outstanding individuals earned an unprecedented 23 medals of honor.  Their legacy of honor, courage, integrity, valor and bravery goes largely unrecognized in history books, but helped the shape of the United States we live in today.


Bible Study:

Come to P7 bible study every Wednesday mornings in room 351 at 7:45 a.m. unlock your faith, unleash the truth, evaluate Christ and serve others.



Mrs. Fisher’s office will be available during Enrichment Day on Friday to help with applying to college, scholarships, and financial aid.  If you haven’t done this, now is the time!


Seniors did your plans for college fall through? 


Juniors did your PSAT scores make you cry?


Sophomores are you still convinced that you want to be an Army Ranger, Navy Seal, Marine Infantry person or Air Force Elite. 


Well if you answered yes to these pressing questions then you need to run not walk to sign up for the ASVAB with Mrs. Alexander in the counselor’s shop.  The ASVAB is the test that anyone who desires a career in the military must take.  The ASVAB can also measure your vocational aptitude so you can see which career/job is best suited for you.  The test will be administered on Friday, February 16, 2018 in room 153.  If you have any questions please stop by room A153 to talk to Chief McGuiness.



Buy your yearbook @ balfour.com for $70.00.  This is your last chance to get the book before it becomes full price.



Mandatory meeting Wednesday, February 21st 6:30 p.m.  in Lecture Hall.

Optional Prep Clinic Monday, February 26th 4:30 to 6:30 in Dance Gym ($15).  Please register getmeregistered.com/ROISDCheerPrepClinic.  Any questions please see Mrs. Harakal in 303.


Student Council:

ROHS student council will be selling roses through Wednesday in the Hawk’s Nest during all lunches.  All proceeds go towards the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.


ACT Test Scores:

Students may pick up ACT scores at the counseling office before school, during lunch and after school.


Learning Commons:

The Learning Commons is open every Tuesday and Thursday till 6:00pm. Must have ID, high school students only, and please dress appropriately.


Pokémon Trainers of ROHS!

Due to a small participation we have moved our Pokémon Club to the morning of Wednesday from 7:50 till 8:20 in room 341. Same rules as before and come prepared to battle, trade unwanted cards, or learn the rules of Pokémon if you are new to the game. ROHS Pokémon Club, It’s your turn!