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2018 Pasta for Pennies
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Friday, March 23, 2018
Pasta for Pennies Fundraiser
Pasta for Pennies Fundraiser

Pasta for Pennies benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society fighting blood cancers.

Sponsored by ROHS Council

March 26 - April 11

Donations will be collected with 4th period classes. Please use the white cardboard box with your 4th period class name on it. ALL money collected will be donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Our goal this year is to collect $2,018!

  • The 4th period class that collects the most money will win a free lunch from Olive Garden!
    • Small classes may join together. However, the pasta lunch will only be big enough to feed about 30 people. Please let Mrs. Thomas know if you do this.
    • Classes can also donate online. This would be great way for parents to help support your class or for student who don't cary cash. Each class will set up their own page specifically for their class.
      Click to Donate Online
  • If your 4th period class collects $50 or more, that class will get 3 jean days. Stickers will be given to students to put on IDs to show they have reached this level.
  • The teacher of the winning class will win a $25 gift card to Olive Garden!
  • Second place class will win an ice cram & snack cake party.
  • Every class that collects $20 or more will go into a drawing to win an ice cream & snack cake party. So, even if your class doesn't collect the MOST, they can still win a party by participating!
  • If an individual student raises $50 or more, LLS will write them a college letter of recommendation.
  • Once your class reaches $10, a picture of a bowl with pasta and the teacher name will be hung on the bulletin board across from the library. For every additional $5 a meatball will be added to your spaghetti bowl.
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