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Graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a                 Graduated from University of North Texas 
      double major in English and History in                                     with a Master's in English. 
                   Secondary Education.



I've taught at Mountain View Community College for 3 years teaching Developmental Writing and English 1301. I've taught for 10 years in Duncanville in 7th and 8th grade English. During my 10 years, I became Department Head for the English department and also became Team Leader for the 8th grade PBL (Project Based Learning). 

Through my career as a teacher, I desire to make my class real and authentic to the changing challenges that our kids face. 


I grew up overseas in Brasil and Suriname, so my worldview is very global, and I want my students to experience this and realize that it really is a "small world." I have many fun and scary stories of snakes, ants, and life overseas.