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Click on this link to get to geogebra activity  



Click on this link to get to geogebra activity  



Class code for project video.  

Here is an example of how to do the project.  Go to the web site: www.educreations.com.  Sign up as a student.  The class code is AYLYXYF.  If you have any questions, please email me at diane.kesler@redoakisd.org.


These videos play on computers and tablets, but some students have reported difficulty watching these videos on their phones.




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Surface Area and Volume test  

Remember, I have two videos for problems 9 and 10 on the following website:  http://www.educreations.com

You will need to register if you have not already done so.

The answers can be found in the photo album under Surface Area.

Happy studying!

Mrs. Kesler

Unit 9 Review  

I am so sorry!  I thought this had already posted.  Here are the links to the videos we watched on Friday and Monday.  You really only need to know the names of the Platonic Solids.  The video is 17 minutes long, but you really just need the names....

Here is a picture of the platonic solids: tetrahedron, hexahedron (cube), octohedron, Dodecahedron, Icosohedron


For Cross Sections (from Monday)




For Platonic Solids (Friday)  The names are



Answers to the review

1 and 16.  You really only need to know rectangle, triangle, trapezoid

2.  A pyramid is not curved, so you can't get a curved 2D shape.

3.  parabola, triangle, circle

4.  hexagonal prism

5.  hexagons

6.  parallelograms/rectangles/squares.  You cannot assume they are squares or rectangles.  They are parallelograms.

7.  rectangular pyramid

8.  1, rectangle

9.  4, triangles

10.  A face of a 3D figure that connects the two bases (in a prism) or a base and an apex point (in a pyramid).  They are the "sides."

11.  9 cubes

12.  7 cubes.  One could float/attach to the side of another cube.

13.  Right prism means that you will have rectangles as the lateral faces.  The axis is perpendicular to the base.

14.  4 right angles in a rectangle so 4x 5 = 20

15.  mad, crazy, happy

16.  see #1

17.  Remember, odd number of vertices means it is a pyramid.  5-1apex point leaves 4 vertices, so rectangular pyramid.

18.  see #14

Unit 7 Review  

Unit 7 review is up at the photo album.  Find the photo album titled Unit 7 Review- Circles.  Please go to file manager to see the Circles Vocabulary you need to study!  Happy studying!!!!!!




Mrs. Kesler

Pre-AP Test Review  

As previously stated, I have posted some videos to assist students in preparation for the test.  Please go to


You will need to sign in as a student using Class Code PTPREPD

Helpful hints to finish this test tomorrow.  When you are doing composite area, you have to look at the big picture.  For the most part, the test questions require you to subtract an area from a bigger area.  Plan the solution.  Rectangle - circle, .25 circle and .5 circle.  Make a plan to find the area and answer the question.

I have tutoring today after school and tomorrow before school.

Happy studying!

~Mrs. Kesler

Test tomorrow   

I sent the answers via email to parents.  I also have two videos posted at educreations.com   Sign up as student and use the code PTPREPD to find my videos.




Mrs. Kesler


unit 6 quadrilateral review answers  

Review answers for Quadrilaterals test tomorrow can be located in the photo album.  Happy studying!!!

unit 5B Review Pre-AP and Regular  

Please go to Photo Album and find the review unit 5B album.  Make sure you go to Pre-AP or regular, depending on what class you are taking.  Thanks

Answers to review for Unit 4B  

The answers to the review are posted under "photo album."



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My email address  

To email attachments (like your projects), you will need to copy this link and send from your own email.  My email address is



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unit 3 review answers  

The answers to unit 3 review is located under photo album.  Sorry so late!

Answers to Review  

The answers to the review are in the Photo Album titled "Unit 2".

Right now I have most of it.  I am working on getting the graphs for the last problem up in just a few minutes.



Mrs. Kesler

Pre-AP Project Example  

Here is my example of the if-then project for Pre-AP geometry.






Diane Kesler

Error on Review  

I noticed that number 42 on the review is incorrect.  It should read 30 or -14.


Happy Studying!

Review Answers  

So sorry.  I was stuck in a meeting.....  The answers are uploaded under files.  They answers are under Forms.