Welcome to Pre-AP English II

    I am so excited to be a Red Oak Hawk this year!! Below is some introductory information about this course. 

    In the first three weeks, we will cover background works and information that lay the foundation for texts we will read later in the year. After that, we will move quickly into a detailed, analytical study of selected novels, poetry, and plays. Our analysis will include timed writings, major tests, close reading assignments, and interactive notebooks. Since major work will comprise most of your grade, it is important that you keep up with your notebooks and do well on tests and timed writings, so read your novels closely.

     This class operates in a flipped class model. What that means is, you will watch videos, review documents, take notes, and read selected works for homework. In class, we will briefly review this information; however, the majority of our time will be spent PRACTICING these skills with literature and media. It is my goal to maximize our time together and make sure you have time to ask questions.

     I am a firm believer that ALL students CAN learn. It is my role to challenge them to look at the world differently and see how literature can help them understand the world they live in. I am passionate about helping students figure out who they are and how they fit into this world we live in. Students in my class will learn to think critically and question everything around them. They will learn how to look at literature and media to determine what is being said, who it is being said by, who it is being told to, why it is being presented that way, and whether or not they want to agree or disagree with it. 

     I am looking forward to being your teacher and expect the year to be a productive and mind-expanding year. If you love literature and the study of language, you have a treat coming. If not, I hope to change your mind.



Kimberly Svatek

Pre-AP English 2